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But if you do decide to have sex, you'll need to stay informed and learn what's true — and what's not.Here are 5 of the more common things that people get wrong about STDs.


If the taste of latex isn't your thing, there are flavored condoms made specifically for oral sex. Others, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, can be treated, but you may get infected again if you have sexual contact with someone who has them. If you do get diagnosed with an STD, your partner should be treated at the same time you are.

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That way, your partner will avoid future problems — and avoid reinfecting you. Left untreated, some STDs can cause permanent damage, such as infertility and even death.

Remember: Don't have sex again until both of you have completed your full treatment — and don't forget to use a condom. It may not be your most romantic date, but nothing says "I care" like trying to protect a boyfriend or girlfriend from illness. There are tons of myths out there about sex and STDs — the ones above are just a few of them.

Untreated STDs can add up to serious health problems, like infertility (the inability to have a baby) or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which may land you in the hospital. Even if you and your partner both think you're STD free, get checked out before having sex. It can take a while for some STDs to show up on tests.The viruses or bacteria that cause STDs can enter the body through tiny cuts or tears in the mouth and anus, as well as the genitals.


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