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You can also contact the Sexperts if you want condoms and lubricants.Just send your name and address to the Sexperts and we’ll send you condoms and lube.Apart from providing information, the advisor also works with support contacts and social work.The advisor offers both personal and group sessions, such as information meetings. Appointments cost SEK 100 a visit if you’re working, but no more than SEK 1,200 a year.The condoms are free of charge and sent to your home. Please note that we are only able to send out condoms to adresses in Sweden.RFSL Stockholm has an immigrant advisor who works with HIV issues, among other things.The advisor’s work is mainly aimed at migrant LGBT people.The advisor also works with Swedish and English-speaking Swedes with a foreign background.



You can also talk about what it’s like living with HIV.Telephone: 08-501 629 56 E-post: pablo.leiva(at)se Addres: Sveavägen 59, second floor, Stockholm. It doesn’t matter how you’re dressed, whether you’ve drunk alcohol or taken drugs, it’s never your fault!


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