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For fans in Europe this is the end of an era, as Euro Sport was a huge supporter of the sport of kickboxing for years. Danijel Solaja Super Bantamweight Grand Prix Semifinal B: Tiffany van Soest vs.



Denix Marjanovic and Rene Wimmer will be vying for the 85kg championship and Samo Petje will take on Tigran Movisyan for the -70kg championship. Daniel Lentie (CAM/FRA), HW – title match Pavel Zhuravlev(C) (UKR) vs. Cristian Spetcu On December 10th GLORY will put forth their biggest show to date, the clash between GLORY Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven and former K-1 superstar Badr Hari.Dževad Poturak (Bi H), -95kg – title match Denis Marjanović (Bi H) vs. Eduard Chelariu Super Kombat Middleweight Championship: Amansio Paraschiv vs. What's interesting is that this will be three shows across three different platforms.Croatian promotion FFC looks to wrap up 2016 with a big show in Zagreb Arena on December 17th, featuring four big title fights featuring some of their biggest stars.Heavyweight Champion Mladen Brestovac will look to defend his title against Daniel Lentie, Pavel Zhuravlev will be defending his -95kg championship against Dzevad Poturak.

The last card of Super Kombat's 2016 season takes place this Saturday in Bucharest, Romania. Collision itself is an interesting card, with the Super Bantamweight finals opening the card, then Ismael Londt fighting Jamal Ben Saddik.

The headliner is a rematch between newfound Super Kombat Middleweight Champion Chris Ngimbi and Amansio Paraschiv. Nieky Holzken looks to defend his GLORY Welterweight Championship against the very tough Cedric Doumbe and then, of course, the main event. Badr Hari Welterweight World Title Bout: Nieky Holzken (c) vs. Jamal Ben Saddik Super Bantamweight Grand Prix Final Bout: Semifinal A Winner vs.


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    They'll get notifications when other users near their geographic area join, and they can search other areas by cashing in points.

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    Period."How we collect and store information depends on the page you are visiting, the activities in which you elect to participate and the services provided.

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    During the 16th century, a hacienda contest called jaripeo developed.

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    I discovered Atmos clocks entirely by accident after successfully bidding on a 130 year old mantle clock, currently on its way to me from Germany.

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    The lies, deception and constant disappointment was awful.

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    Clean Design; Sections for Videos/Galleries/Community/Extras. A lot of years have passed since TBP's previous review of Dark Cavern and I believe they've put together a new member's area design.

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    Hansika was born to parents Pradeep Motwani, a businessman and Mona Motwani, a dermatologist. She follows Buddhism and her mother tongue is Sindhi.

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    = new Date(); Time((new Date()).value Of() - 1000*60*60*24*90); self.new_streams = (Full Year() * 10000 + (Month()+1) * 100 + Date()); self.bwidth = window.inner Width; = { 'won_list' : { id : 'won_list', perpage : 60, rowcount: 9, curpage : 1, sortby : 'F', filter : function (element, index, array) { return ( element['s'] == 'Cams Exclusive' || ( element['r'] ! root+'_640.jpg' : won_domain+'/images/streamray/streams/''_640.gif'; var mystream_id = '' ! '' : ' '; // T - denotes that stream would be otherwise not shown, cuz of banned country or state if (['T'] == 1 && mystream_id/1 !

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