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Turing believed that by 2000, computers would be able to, through five-minute text-based conversations, fool humans into believing that they were flesh and blood, at least 30% of the time. Did I forget it or you really haven't told me about the place you are from? Eugene Goostman: I think, if American government keeps on suing Microsoft, one perfect day they'll just move to some other country... Depending on whom you talk to, Goostman's achievement is either a huge turning point for technology, or just another blip. Denning explained that the knowledge base was built in 2001 (with parts of it updated since then) when Apple was still in comeback mode and “Jobs hadn’t been sainted yet.” Me: Do you own an i Phone? And he — or it — made headlines earlier this week when a new version of the chat bot finally passed a version of the Turing Test. Developed by Princeton AI (a small team of programmers and technologists not affiliated with Princeton University) and backed by a computer and some gee-whiz algorithms, "Eugene Goostman" was able to fool the Turing Test 2014 judges 33% of the time — good enough to surpass the threshold set by computer scientist Alan Turing in 1950. Me: I have to go, is there anything else you want to tell me?

Check out our discussion for more insights from the front lines of the next sexual revolution.

and sensual chatbot champion, claims that sex with humanoid companions will be routine by 2050. Ian Pearson recently took that declaration one step further in a report created in conjunction with UK sex shop Bondara, saying human-robot sex will start to eclipse old-fashioned human-on-human sex that same year.

If all of that wasn't enough to get you hot and bothered about who or what will be handling your genitals in the not-so-distant future, consider the words of futurist Stowe Boyd who posited that sex robots will be a socially derided mainstay just 10 years from now.

Loebner runs his own Turing Test competition and calls the five-minute test length too short; his test is 25 minutes. By the way, I still don't know your specialty - or, possibly, I've missed it? Eugene Goostman: I like some Ukrainian foods and hamburgers. Alan Turing - British mathematician, pioneer in computer theory.

While the sex robot fantasy has existed for more than a century, the conversation around our future fuck buddies has reached fever pitch of late due to the "Campaign Against Sex Robots," a "movement" covered widely by the mainstream media that takes on Levy's assertion that our robo-sex future is bright.

Dr Kathleen Richardson and Erik Billing of De Montfort University claim that these "robots are potentially harmful and will contribute to inequalities in society." We sat down with one of the men working to bring your Stepford fantasies to life at CES 2016.


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