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Ninety-eight percent of albinos die by the age of forty for reasons which could easily be prevented.

A report was released on 1 April 2014 by the Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, office of the Canadian charity Under the Same Sun.

This lack of knowledge about people with albinism means that folktales and superstition in the name of witchcraft take the place of medical and scientific facts in the minds of many native Africans, with and without albinism, which in turn has major effects on the social integration of albinistic people into African society.

Titled Reported Attacks of Persons with Albinism, the document reviews 180 countries and lists 129 recent killings and 181 other attacks, all within 23 African countries.

These attacks include mutilation, violence, violation of graves, and cases of asylum-seeking.

Both parents, who may or may not be albinos themselves, must carry the gene if it is to be passed on to the child.


Albinism occurs in both males and females and is not specific to any race or ethnic group.

In Tanzania, albinos represent one in every 1429 births, a much higher rate than in any other nation.


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