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We are just starting to advertise and let people know we are here, open daily, and open to the public.”The corporate office for Kruger Farms is still in St.

Paul, and they take all the orders, but everything ships from Starbuck, it was stated.

Now area residents can stop by for all their outdoor needs from 10 a.m. Barkeim said Kruger Farms would be open to the public and would be doing more advertising in the coming weeks.

HRA Director Richard Dreher said, “The HRA board would enthusiastically support this.” He explained that he felt Kruger Farms has the potential to be a real draw for the whole area as a premier outdoor sporting retail store, not only bringing in customers from all over west central Minnesota, but also Kruger Farms’ network of corporate clients.“I think it’s going to be a good asset to Starbuck,” said Commissioner Larry Kittelson.

In 2010, Kruger Farms owner, Don Nelson, hired the first full-time employee to ship overstocked items stored at the Starbuck location.

Then, in 2011, the company took a big step for the Kruger Farms location in Starbuck when a new 6,000- square-foot warehouse was added and all the St. Russ Barkeim is the on-site manager at the Starbuck location.


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