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He’s the hero, the man on the white horse, and he’s looking for his fair maiden.He’s the wild one who can only be tamed by the one he seeks to rescue.When he sees her for the first time, he is mesmerized by her beauty and charm and basically turns to putty. he finds out she has been with just about every guy in the realm.He longs for her and is now willing to settle down to a life of love and happiness. He realizes his fair maiden isn’t as fair as he’d hoped. He’s been dreaming about “A FAIR MAIDEN” not the town slut. For 15 years, Henning has been offering his relationship advice in high schools across the U. with his talk entitled, “Don’t Take Love Lying Down” — a talk he gives to the girls and boys separately.points out, Henning’s website has some real gems regarding teenage sexuality.While the advice for boys’ section talked about cool things to do on a date, the girls’ section basically told them to lock on their chastity belts. There’s the young prince, handsome, rugged, self sufficient, the man who can stand up to the challenge.In response to a question, Henning explained that guys are sexual so the species won’t die out, while girls have a low sex drive so the planet will not get overpopulated.Henning said if girls decide they just aren’t attractive enough, they might choose to wear provocative clothes to get boys’ attention.


” Henning says boys cannot control their sexual appetites and need girls to help them keep control by not wearing risqué clothing or acting in any way like they are asking for sex.During a mandatory assembly during school hours and attended by all 350 of Payson High School’s female students, Brad Henning warned his audience about the evils of premarital sex.But according to a report from In talking to the girls, [Henning] stressed they should make sure they do not turn on a guy by dressing or acting in a way that unleashes a guy’s God-given sexual urges.Looking for fun things to do in Tempe and the Phoenix area?

Does he want to fight for her hand or rescue her from the evil in the land? “I was very disappointed to hear that there is a second assembly on relationships this afternoon that is mandatory for girls, but that the boys have an optional assembly after school,” parent Laurel Wala told the Roundup.“This sends a dual message that: It is acceptable for girls to miss their normal classes, but not the boys and that girls have more responsibility for whether a relationship is ‘good’ than boys.” According to the Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER), Henning’s teachings reinforce a culture where women are deemed ultimately responsible for their own sexual assaults.


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