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Assault Conviction Date: 11/23/1998Issuing Bad Checks Conviction Date: 9/10/1992Issuing Bad Checks Conviction Date: 9/10/1992Driving or Operating Under the Influence of Drugs or Liquor Conviction Date: 3/24/2009Assault By Prisoner-att Conviction Date: 5/31/2001Assault By Prisoner-att Conviction Date: 5/31/2001Felon In Poss Dang Weapn Conviction Date: 11/26/1991Violation of Terms of Probation or Parole Conviction Date: 2/8/1991Agg.

Assault Conviction Date: 6/25/1980Kidnapping Conviction Date: 6/25/1980Possession C/drug Conviction Date: 11/30/1979Agg.

"The statute of limitations on that type of offense runs for 22 years after the victim's 18th birthday," then police Lt. "If there are no other interceding events, that victim could come forward at 40 years old and report an offense." Brooks ran a technology company called Brooks Communications that dealt with such things as phone systems.

In 2014, Conway Town Manager Earl Sires said Brooks had done work for the town in the past but it had switched to another company.

The County Attorney's Office seeks to have the sentence remain, while Baud's defense wants it reduced to six years.

Garfunkle had 10 days from Thursday to return a decision.

By Daymond Steer OSSIPEE — A Conway business owner was convicted last week on charges involving a young girl in North Conway between 20.

Ryan Brooks, now 44, formerly of Kearsarge was convicted by a Carroll County Superior Court jury on Thursday on charges of aggravated felonious sexual assault and felonious sexual assault.



The jury returned a verdict in less than two hours of deliberation."Conway police did a great job collecting evidence," said Deputy Attorney Joe Quinlan. "We are still deciding what we want to recommend," Quinlan said, adding that the sentence will be up to the judge.


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