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His deep forehead earned him the nickname Spadehead and he had few friends.The rape allegation was not Huntley's only brush with the law before he moved to Soham with his fiancée, Maxine Carr, at the end of 2001.Ian Kevin Huntley had been investigated by police and social services in connection with nine sex offences - four alleged rapes, four allegations of underage sex and the indecent assault of a girl of 11.But she had told police that she had not known her attacker - a lie which seriously weakened the case against him.Lawyers judged the prospect of a conviction remote and the charge was dropped.Two years later Maxine Carr began her secondary education at the same school.By then Huntley, who was asthmatic, was at Immingham School where he was both bullied and a bully.The death was judged an accident but police did not know that Huntley had a habit of throwing girlfriends down stairs when he was angry.

Huntley was born at Grimsby Maternity Hospital on Jan 31, 1974, seven months after his parents, Kevin and Lynda, were married at the age of 18.The family moved to Immingham where Ian went to Eastfield Junior School. Aged 11, Huntley went to Healing Comprehensive but stayed for only one year.There had also been at least two domineering relationships with girlfriends, aged 15 and 16, which involved violence that went unreported.Police interviewed him over the death of a man Huntley found at the foot of a flight of steps.


The following month the charge is dropped completely after the discovery of CCTV footage from inside the club shows Huntley dancing with and kissing the girl.She says dancing with Huntley by no means represented her consent to the violent sex that took place a short time later.


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