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It was characteristic of his pop-up concept of touring, one that the 57-year-old star had honed in the UK in 2014 where he and his all-female rock group 3RDEYEGIRL had played a series of dates, some in tiny venues, at little notice.When it comes to the world of professional events – from well-established legacy conferences to cutting-edge corporate retreats, the industry is ripe for change as well as a technological revolution.Though the industry is well on its way to embracing a more tech savvy, dynamic future there are quite a few stragglers left in the […] Customer Experience (CX) will continue to grow in importance for companies and an even larger number of organizations will begin their CX journeys. He went directly to the airport to board a jet home – the same jet that would make an emergency landing two hours later with Prince apparently overdosed on an opiate painkiller and requiring a lifesaving safe shot of Narcan.“He wasn’t feeling well when he arrived,” she recalled. Lawler-Freas, a promoter at Rival Entertainment in Atlanta, had received an email at the end of March: could she book the musician to do two shows at the city’s 4,600-capacity Fox Theater a week hence?2016 is “The Year of Emotion.” Last year was named “2015 – The Year of Employee.” In this environment, we expect to see: Culture Change Intensifying Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for […] As hard as this is to read – you are not your company’s voice, your customer is.



he shows were intimate and intense, 43 songs, and a range of covers from Bowie to Bob Marley. Within a week, he would be dead – from an overdose, investigators seem to believe, of the painkiller it now appears he had been taking for years to combat crippling arthritic hip pain, a condition he would not correct owing to strong religious-based resistance to medical intervention. You wouldn’t have known he was sick – the shows were phenomenal. But we knew he wasn’t feeling well because he normally does an after-party. He was there an hour before he’s due on stage and left immediately after.Prince, all alone on stage at a purple grand piano, started with Little Red Corvette and ended his second set of the night with a Purple Rain medley. But in Atlanta, on the night of Thursday 14 April, there was little to suggest to the concert’s promoter, Lucy Lawler-Freas, that the star’s life was already in danger. He wanted to go straight to his plane and go home.” The show was a sign of Prince’s astonishing confidence as an artist.


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