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The jokes, he said, started with the comedian asking Ferenczy why his voice was so high.


That was until he attended a stand-up comedy show at the bar Stonewall’s in downtown Athens.

Ferenczy said he and his friends were having a good time, until one comedian got on stage and only picked on Ferenczy.

Bisexual students face harassment more than other LGBT students, whereas asexual, questioning or other gender identities face the highest risk of being victims of sexual assault.

Meg Evans, the director of the LGBT Resource Center at UGA, said the center gets reports of sexual assault and harassment often from LGBT students.“We work with students who are survivors of sexual assault, harassment and violence often,” Evans said.

Of the 27 universities surveyed, 11.7 percent of all students said they had experienced nonconsensual penetration or forced touching.

The number of transgender, genderqueer or non-conforming, questioning or not listed undergraduate students that had reported sexual assault was 12.4 percent Reports of sexual harassment within the LGBT community are even higher, at 75.2 percent for undergraduate students and 69.4 percent for graduate students.


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    Visitors to New Mexico in the late 19th century would have been pleased to purchase a souvenir rug, pot or piece of silver jewelry decorated with a swastika.

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