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Blair Donovan, a senior at Miami University, found her best friends through her sorority.For Blair, getting a big sister meant finding her BFF as well.With all the rushing, outfits and talking, it can seem like a huge undertaking to go Greek, but it’s worth it.Taking the time to rush your freshman year will set you up with a home away from home, which can be hard to find when you’ve suddenly been dumped on a college campus and left to your own devices.” But, there’s no rule that says you are confined to the pool of sorority girls that you are a part of.Starting college is exciting––but let’s be real, it’s also scary, stressful and nerve-wracking.So, why add even more stress by joining a sorority?

Without a sorority, you’re still guaranteed to find friends ––but with one, you’ll get a head start on not only finding friends but also on learning about college life (and your campus layout).

So, to prove why going Greek as a freshman is a great idea, we asked current collegiettes and they told us the best parts of being a srat star.

This is probably the reason everyone tells you to join a sorority.

Collegiettes who are already in a sorority might tell you, “You’ll make SO many friends,” and, “Literally all my friends are my sisters,” and those statements can totally be true.

“Getting [a big] was something I always looked forward to in joining a sorority, and mine surpassed all expectations once I finally got one," she says.

"She became my best friend and literal twin (we looked creepily identical).


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