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Parts II, II, and IV examine in more detail the requirements tribes must meet in order to exercise the powers recognized by TLOA and VAWA 2013. provides links to relevant online resources and a model tribal code.The Tribal Codewriting Clinic at William Mitchell College of Law provides free code-writing and revision services for tribal nations.Our clinic has a special emphasis on criminal law, but we welcome projects on any subject area.The resource contains five sections and fourteen chapters.

Black's Law Dictionary defines the word "code" as a systematic collection ... Tribal Legal Code Resource: Tribal Laws Implementing TLOA Enhanced Sentencing and VAWA Enhanced Jurisdiction Guide for Drafting or Revising Tribal Laws to Implement the Enhanced Sentencing Provisions of the Tribal Law and Order Act (TLOA) and the Special Jurisdiction Provisions of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization of 2013 (VAWA 2013) This resource provides guidance for tribes who are interesting in implementing the enhanced sentencing provisions in TLOA and/or the special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians provisions in VAWA 2O13.

Unless otherwise noted, the term Tribal Code refers to an individual Indian Nation's compilation of their laws.

consolidated and classified by subject matter." The individual codes linked and referenced here are tribal laws organized by subject matter.

This resource provides an overview of the enhanced powers recognized by each statute and explores ways that tribes can comply with the requirements of the federal statutes.


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