Sex in serbia date phychological abuse teen dating

they tend be be raised with a lot more rules and restrictions than those growing up in serbia or montenegro. some serb woman put up with it some don't (the Serbian Orthodox Church allows 3 marriages but it's not encouraged).

the ones that cheat think nothing of it.i live in australia and some of the serb men here use aussie girls for sex but have serb girlfriends who they save for marriage.

PThe Serb culture is very male oriented even the homeland is referred to as the "fatherland".

The father or head male figure has the final say in a family and serbs are still very much about saving face.

I am a black british female who has recently acquired some male serbian friends.

I have previously in encountered serbs in my upbringing but have a numer of questions regarding the culture.

Without generalising is this normal/accepted practice? Many of the men seem to have liasons with African/ black women but seem to maintain a certain "loyalty to their wives.Dating or marrying outside the serb arena is not encouraged but it does happen and people get over it.On the whole serb men are just like any other men with a "supposed" superioirty but they have a match in serb woman who can give just as good as they get!Serb women on the whole play a subservient role and must not shame the family name.

Many serb woman remain virgins until they are with a guy who they intend to marry and some are still virgins past 30yrs (unbelieveable but true! - I'm speaking here of (1st and maybe 2nd generation)serbs growing up in western countries.

I am a black American female (if that is what my country wants to consider me..


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