Sex oriented chatrooms

Women," click here.) In part 1, we discussed how Internet pornographers specifically target the male audience according to the dynamics of the male brain structure.In this article we will look at how Internet pornographers use different techniques to attract and ensnare the female market.


For three days conference directors presented an unending stream of explicit pornography, all under the guise of academic analysis.Let's review the typical attributes of the potential female porn consumer in the cold, hard terminology pornographers use: With all of this in mind, how do Internet pornographers provide content that taps into the female brain at the highest level possible?At the close of the conference, awards were given out to the producers of films, to the actors and actresses of same, and to the various exhibitors who have pioneered the introduction of hard-core pornography throughout the world.(Of course, the keynote address for the event was given by the president of the ACLU.) Speaking of this academic farce, John Harmer in his book .

(This article is the second in a two-part series by Mark Kastleman.To read Part One, "How Internet Pornographers Market to Men vs.


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