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We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible!If you have a non-account related question please visit the Skype Community: Skype Community [UPDATE April 19, 2016 GMT]: The issue has been fully resolved.Wherever you are, whatever device you’re using—we’ll bring you closer to the things you love.Read more Having started in 2005, Karlheinz Wurm was the 127th employee at Skype.Read more Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries and, while the date varies, for a large part of the world it’s the second Sunday of May—just a few days away.Read more When you use Skype to learn a new skills, or get a different take on something that may already be familiar, it’s easier than ever to take in every detail and plug into the experience in a whole new way.


In 2009 he moved from Tallinn, Estonia to Stockholm, Sweden to manage the audio and video development team.When you think of Skype, you probably picture a special moment where you’ve connected with the important people in your life over video.Your creative and meaningful uses for Skype never cease to amaze us.Whether you’re using Skype to bring speakers into your classroom or get in some extra family time from …So, when we heard about these bi-coastal love birds, we had to get the scoop on how the app helped make their long-distance relationship flourish.

Read more It’s been just over 7 years since Skype entered the i Tunes app store with our first i Phone app.

Since then, we launched on Android in October 2010 and released mobile video calling on New Year’s Eve that same year.


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