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'He then asked the camera in a separate room: 'How did we get here?

Surely my banter's not that bad.'Unfortunately, the date wrapped up quite quickly after that and viewers took to Twitter in their droves to comment on the date.



From Charlotte Crosby's apparent secret boyfriend to the chemistry between Stephanie Pratt and Joey Essex, the drama seems to have happened more off-screen than on.That is until last night's episode when child-actor Tyger Drew-Honey, 20, asked a girl: 'Do you want to do a cartwheel in the middle of the road in front of a bus?


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    By Rob Mc Bride CEBU, Philippines, 15 December 2008 – In a poor shanty in the Central Philippines city of Cebu, a tiny internet café offers broadband connectivity with the outside world.

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    Online Dating is so much popular in United States & United Kingdom.

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    The phrase "ALL YOUR VIDEO ARE BELONG TO US" appeared below the You Tube logo as a placeholder while the site was down.

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    Conducted by relationship site and market research agency IMRB, the findings echo those from Western countries that show fighting and addressing problems constructively makes for a more stress-free relationship than bottling things up.

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