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This exhibition, entirely of work from the past year, displays an astonishing burst of creative and intellectual energy that has produced a series of paintings on unstretched canvas unified by references to the Golden Mean (Canone Aureo).Celia Hempton paints small canvases, of friends and models (some sourced on the internet in video chat-rooms) focusing on what used to be called private parts.She hangs these intimate images on large wall paintings that reference landscapes, with sensuous veils of colour and mist cascading down the wall.Her work explores in a sometimes shocking fashion contemporary questions around privacy and intimacy, what they mean in a world where traditional norms of modesty, prudence, privacy, and discretion have been provoked and adjusted to fit an age of redefined boundaries.Richard Long’s fifth solo exhibition at Galleria Lorcan O’Neill is dedicated to mud paintings, with a selection of works starting from 2005 up to works made in the past two months on canvas and on Fabriano paper. , an exhibition featuring the most recent works by Emiliano Maggi, Marco Palmieri, and Gianni Politi.The show also includes a line made on site using Italian Serpentino stone. These young Roman artists have contributed to invigorating the contemporary art scene in Rome and extending it internationally.Welcome to, which offers free ringtones of names (Hindi or Indian), bhakti, devotional, bollywood, hollywood, Instrumental, Funny or any text, in MP3 format for all mobile phones.



Friends for decades and now showing together for the first time, Smith and Woodman share an affinity with Italy and have chosen Rome to present their work in a double solo show which includes tapestry, sculpture, ceramics, painting, and drawing.The title of this exhibition, a phrase by Paul Valery which is quoted by Italo Calvino in the notes of his Norton Lecture on “lightness”, expresses the idea that to fly, to leave the bounds of gravity, to reach higher and to head for the skies is to expend effort, concentration, and volition.


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