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Although none of them are together, and this scene is made up of small tidbits and pieces of many different solo scenes, it is still a fun one to enjoy!More and more commercial real estate transactions these days are caught up in the struggle between two approaches to real estate debt: “extend and pretend” vs. The extend and pretend approach (loans are rolled over) delays the reckoning with market value.A convenient rule of thumb is the more out of whack the asking price is to the market value, the greater the likelihood that the borrower and lender are in the “extend and pretend” mode (i.e., the more unrealistic they are).Interestingly, sometimes it is lenders who prefer to extend and pretend, sometimes it is borrowers, sometimes it is both.


We've got tons of babes in this scene playing on the swing set and squirting their hot fem cum in to the sand!They’re embarrassed at their mistakes, but can’t or won’t acknowledge the reality of property values.


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