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He even suggests out-of-the-ordinary places to meet people (gas stations, political campaign rallies, etc.) and guides readers over various hurdles (i.e., how to approach a potential date and how and when to make the first phone call).

"Meeting new people to date is easy and fun, and can open up your entire world if you treat it as a journey rather than a chore," Wygant writes.

Why, then, do so many have such a difficult time finding a partner?

The problem, Wygant contends, is that too many people are "Passive Waiters," who lazily wait for love to arrive while, everyday, opportunities are passing them by. Phil for the single set," Wygant offers a sensible book that deconstructs the "myths" that contribute to this mentality (i.e., that everyone is "entitled" to love; that "love is fate"; that "men are supposed to make the first move"; etc.) and gives singles advice on how to achieve a new sense of self and improve their perspective on dating.

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Find out more David Wygant's clientele ranges from everyday people to celebrities, actors, and millionaires.

He walks readers through a mental and physical makeover, complete with checklists that include tips on personal hygiene and overcoming dating anxiety.

Then he discusses all types of dating scenarios, from blind dating to Internet dating.

He is a ubiquitous radio personality, and has appeared on Dateline, MTV's Made and Sex2k, CBS Good Morning, UPN News, ABC News, Inside Edition, and Blind Date.

He has been featured in publications including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Business Journal, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, and New York.

This accessible book, with its practical advice and breezing writing, will help readers take the first step on that journey.


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