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Due to the 30-60 second nature of a nuclear explosion, it is highly likely that the Super Bowl, World Cup, NBA Finals, World Series or Olympics will be targeted with millions watching on LIVE TV.


The high-profile nature of the Super Bowl, however, could make it a desirable target for a violent organization or individual seeking to take advantage of the intense media coverage…The presence of many corporate executives, politicians, and VIPs in one location, however, may present a collection opportunity for foreign intelligence services Security breaches facilitated by stolen or counterfeit credentials and insider operatives pose additional threats to stadium security…The large number of contractors, media personnel, stadium employees, and vendors who will attend the Super Bowl could help cover efforts by terrorists to gain access inside the stadium.

After publishing The Nuclear Bible, Taylor conducted multiple radio interviews and phoned numerous intelligence and law enforcement agencies throughout America to personally ensure that no acts of terror were conducted on his fellow American citizens.


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