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The murder arrests came after authorities on Monday morning charged a 46-year-old District woman with using Betts's credit card. Artura Otey Williams, of the 5300 block of 5th Street NW is charged with two counts of knowingly receiving a stolen credit card with the intent to use it, attempted theft less than ,000 in value, and attempted fraudulent credit card use, police said. He was the principal of Shaw Middle School at Garnet-Patterson in the District.

Manger and others said the use of Betts's credit card at the Silver Spring Giant --where a charge of a little over 0 was made only a day after Betts was found slain - provided a key clue in the investigation.

The internet itself has become a sort of addiction to me & I need to spend less time on the internet.

I was trying to put up a different password for my wifi on the computer I use the most & hide the password in a tough place like my garage so I don't have easy access to it when I want to go online.

I have repented over this many times but find myself slipping into this.

But it os happens all other phones,tv etc is all linked to one wifi password.If there is a way to have a separate wifi password to my main computer (mac) do let me know.This chat thing has grown over 10 years & I need to come out of this for the glory of God & for my peace & good health.Update: Two men have been charged with murder and a third man is in custody in the slaying of D. principal Brian Betts, Montgomery County police said Monday evening.

Police Chief Thomas Manger said Betts met one or more of the suspects on a telephone chat line he described as a "sex chat line" or a "social networking chat line." Sharif Tau Lancaster, 18, of Northwest Washington, and Alante Saunders, also 18, of no fixed address, have been charged with murder, Manger said. The two men charged with murder are being held in Montgomery County.The third man has not yet been charged and Manger did not release his name. Betts was found shot to death in his home in Silver Spring on April 15.


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