$ad.offset()=== 0) { Event('banners'); $('.It’s the kind of email I’d waited a professional lifetime for.“Can you fly to Sherbro Island in Sierra Leone and help our reporter and her team in their investigation into the multimillion-dollar illegal fishing trade? Pretty soon I found myself whizzing across the ocean off Africa’s west coast and chasing down pirate trawlers alongside Al Jazeera senior reporter Juliana Ruhfus — well, virtually, at least.

They’ve crunched the numbers and drawn up a state-by-state breakdown of users’ “sexual endurance” times, or how long they last during sex.

So let’s see how the place you call home fairs in the race, shall we?

I’m actually playing Al Jazeera’s new interactive web game Such so-called newsgames aren’t new, but media organisations seem increasingly willing to give them a go, despite their high production costs and questionable success, in what could either be a sad indicator of the state of journalism and education these days (we can only learn from freaking computer games now?

) or a clever way to get younger eyes on quality journalism.

Research shows most sexual encounters last between 3 and 13 minutes.

Ouch Alaskans, that harsh weather got you a little too excited? Well, you’re the competitive type, you can check out your state’s ranking in the list below.


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    Below is a list of 5 of the most popular and interesting apps that could take you one tap closer to your ‘Seoul-mate’.

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