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Critics, however, are furious – especially state lawmakers and alumni.“The content is horrifically disturbing,” State Rep. “The fact that we are using state dollars and state classrooms on state campuses to promote UT Sex Week is unforgiveable.” Lawmakers are advancing a bill that would prohibit UT from using any state money to promote Sex Week. Micah Van Huss, would also strip 0,000 in funding for the university’s office of diversity and inclusion.Click here to join Todd’s American Dispatch: a must-read for Conservatives! The university will also provide testing around campus all week for sexually transmitted diseases – which might not be a bad idea.Organizers of Sex Week told the blog Campus Reform there was great interest from the student body for workshops on bondage, domination, submission/sadism and masochism – not to mention, “How to Drive a Vulva.” “These events are critically important and were chosen based on an overwhelming number of requests from the UT student body, whose feedback we rely heavily upon in selecting our events,” one of the event organizers told the website.Van Huss said his phones have been ringing non-stop from angry alumni and citizens.



Youngsters at the Volunteer State’s flagship university are about to engage in all sorts of debauchery ranging from lessons on male sexual fluidity to a lecture on “butt stuff” from an amateur porn star.Sex Week at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville kicks off April 4 - five days of depravity that makes Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street look like a Sunday school picnic. James will be teaching the boys and girls on Rocky Top how to “explore all the titillating crevices and protrusions of your body.” “Fellatio, cunnilingus, analingus; maybe you’ve heard the word, now it’s time to find out about doing the deed,” reads a description of the Sex Week workshop.


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    Ray admitted in a UStream chat on January 5, 2013 that he and Normani Hamilton of Fifth Harmony were dating. He also recently tweeted his support for his former in TENsity groupmate Ellona Santiago when she tried out for season 3 of X Factor USA.

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    At the same time, Apple's i OS lost some ground, and other mobile operating systems have all but disappeared.

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    Chuck and Janet Boehme are regular American Red Cross volunteers, so on Oct.

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    We already have rooms that cover BDSM Lifestyle, Slavery, Domination, Bondage, Sadist, Masochism, Obedience, Punishment, Torture, Humiliation, Scening, Roleplay, Sense Play and even a Slave Auction.

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    How would you react if you had gone to Bangers Sausage House Sunday night to take in a SXSW performance by new country duo Dan + Shay and the Biebs storms the stage? Here's a good place to start looking Answer: When there is a voice big enough to stand on its own involved, technicalities are just....technicalities. Just cruising by the site for Nashville's newspaper The Tennessean and whose bright and shiny face did I see? No longer simply a world-famous octogenarian, thanks to the Berklee College of Music, after today Willie Nelson will add Dr. When Kenny Chesney released Welcome to the Fishbowl, you may have noticed, he dedicated the entire album to a woman named Kristi Hansen. Kenny's latest album Life On a Rock was released yesterday and, on it, you will find an intensely personal song called Happy on the Hey N...

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    If only there was a magical way to skip all the drama and stay only for the fuck dates… What if I told you that we provide a service with this exact mission?

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