Sexchatting site

The site also announced plans for an exquisite recruitment drive that will focus on recruiting models from all parts of the country.

The site top management has confirmed that the Indian cams continue to be their top priority and they will help their users come to terms with better models very soon.

Insider reports suggest that the site owner has already consulted several leading hair designers to go ahead with the hair and makeup of the models.

The recruitment drive launched by the company also focuses on recruiting models from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

There are already many models at the site that speak various languages.

Since customers have registered their language preferences with the site on several instances, the site will now focus on the need for more models who speak two or three different languages.

This decision is said to have taken by the top management of the company and has been heartily supported by rest of the staff.

The need for fresh engagement in the online adult chat space has often been experienced by Indian users all across the world.

has understood the need and is now planning to recruit new models for Indian customers at the site.

will also start recruitment based on body and hair types of models.

Customers will now be able to choose from several distinct model types like blonde, petite, ebony and tall.


The popularity of Indian cams on the web needs no explanation to begin with.has launched a new recruitment drive to keep its customers guessing.


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