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I always like to have something on the table that guests can look through, play with, take pictures with etc. As children weren’t we always winning prizes and getting little trinkets from our 90 year old Aunt Fanny’s? I suggest that you put together trivia cards for everyone and play in between dinner and dessert.These vintage paper masks are a great little item to place around the table and have people try on, take pictures with and pretend for a moment that they are at some fabulous mascaraed ball. You can look up an array of trivia from dinner and cocktail themed games to current events.Personalize the placemats for an extra special and unique look! Here are a few ideas for simple and lovely centerpieces.

The winner gets a prize (a candle, kitchenware, bottle of wine) and everyone else is ready for the next dinner party where they will no doubt be the victorious one!Let’s face it, you are going to spend most of your time sipping back some delicious rose or a home made gimlet so you better have the perfect glasses for your guests.I love these delicate champagne glasses from Anthropologie.From the initial tow to the final inspection, Bragg’s Body Shop is YOUR Vehicle Accident Advocate.


Use them for any cocktail and you will win the night!I love, love, love easy entertaining and these vintage paper placemats are the perfect item for someone who wants a chic look without the hassle! I would never steer you away from a beautiful floral arrangement but let’s add some pizzazz to an old favorite.


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    Accepted video formats include: AVI, MP4, 3PG, and ASF.

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    Nettsiden du vil besøke er for øyeblikket ikke tilgjengelig.

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    He felt bad and said he’d delete everything, I told him no, I know guys do that kind of stuff, and I didn’t want him to because I invaded his privacy.

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    Now, don’t get me wrong; this is not old-fashioned chauvinism.

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