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A handblown glass slide that simulates the original broken-bottleneck slide sound used by blues guitarists.

Reverend Willy's "Mexican Lottery" brand Mo-Jo guitar slide is an authentic blues-bottle, Mo-Jo glass slide.

FREE DELIVERY IS TO MAJOR CITIES ONLY Orders over 2kgs in weight may incur incrementally higher charges than stated above.

Please enter your address at checkout to determine final delivery costs.

The ebony fingerboard features diamond inlays that lead to a traditional 3-to-a-side headstock with a sweet rosewood overlay. The Mockingbird SL also comes with a 43mm wide nut, Grover Super Rotomatic Tuners, D'Addario EXL 120 strings, and black hardware.

These cream-of-the-crop models feature a solid mahogany body, neck and sides with striking curves and beveled edging for faster access to the entire fretboard, and an equally appealing neck-through construction with quilt maple top in either a cool Natural finish or a saucy Trans Red finish. Rich Partial Active Electronics and Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro pickups help you get the most out of the guitar's tonewoods, while its original Floyd Rose Original Tremolo lets you bend and shape notes where needed.

Please note: high value orders (over R1,000) will not be sent via Post Office due to theft risk.

DELIVERY IS 100% GUARANTEED BY US, OR A FULL REFUND.Whether it be your email address, physical address or credit card information (which only our payment processor sees) we don't muck about, and we don't make these available to anyone else - that's a promise!Below is a guideline of when your product will be shipped/dispatched.These apply to orders placed during normal business hours and exclude weekends and public holidays, where dispatch will then rollover to the next business day. Once your order is shipped/dispatched (based on above schedule) this is when it is with the couriers or Post Office and the delivery times below would then apply.

This traditional guitar slide offers crisp, bright tone and a detailed top end with a sharp attack.It's hand blown for perfect weight and balance and made of red, durable, seamless Pyrex glass.


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