Though her licking, pawing and biting gets her nowhere, she will cause you to stop biting your nails for a second and smile. A 17-foot crocodile weighing almost a ton got stuck in a canal in a Sri Lankan village.The villagers, wildlife officials and a giant bulldozer teamed up to return the croc to its natural habitat."Rob the Original" is an artist and barber from LA famous for cutting realistic portraits and designs into people's hair.Rob has branched out into a new medium for his portrait making: recycled salt.

There are always rumors about new sex trends, and it's hard to tell what's real and what's just hopeful imagination.Sex roulette, however, is a rumored new trend coming out of Spain that combines random sex with HIV and is as stupid as it sounds.The Mannequin Challenge is a social media craze where people post videos of themselves and a group of friends standing perfectly still in funny poses.Professional and college teams have embraced the challenge, and the results are pretty impressive.

On Wednesday morning, Hillary Clinton conceded to President-elect Donald Trump in a graceful but admittedly painful speech.

Though she did not become the United States' first female president, her inspirational parting words to young girls assured them that they can be anyone and do anything.


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    They still care about each other," an insider said. They are on good terms with each other and remain close." stars had sparked rumors of a reconciliation in August after they were spotted together in London.

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