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He comes back after 30 mn to AOL, as his Yahoo led to a dead end.He enters a new series of XXX searches for one hour. On march 4, he looks forwards to connecting an online dating site he may been exposed offline to, through advertising ( and he looks detered by subscription fees. One hour later, he launches a more serious search for a place where people of the same religion as he, 30 minutes before looking again for XXX material...In the midday, as he is unable to connect to his navigatio bar, he types this adress in the AOL search engine box and doesn't find the site, so, at pm he looks for another XXX site where women looks for dates. but he comes back on the right track 4 minutes later, relaunching christian dating site searches.Apparently, none of the 10 sites he then visits meets his demand, as he keeps coming back and forth to the resultat page.Around 9pm, he reconnects after diner to find a chip that boosts his vehicule engine performances.It is to be noticed that he visites three sites (as he launches the same search three times) before going to another sharper search, that indicated the year of the car ( The next day at 7, he goes through to reach where he may hopes to find more relevant results.

Later on in the day, at , this man, who's unemployed as we will discover it in his future searches, seeks XXX sites (

He types several searches related to this subject, among which one is directly connected to pedophilia (). He abandons his websurfing and comes back the next afternoon searching this time, for a free XXX site where no credit card number is asked for.


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