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You have no doubt seen the examples in the media of teens being cyberbullied, arrested, or even committing suicide as a result of bad decisions involving the circulation of nude personal pictures.

My thoughts here are intended to provide you (youth) with a specific and simple strategy to help avoid any of these consequences.

This can be a challenging situation, to say the least.

We know that anywhere from 10-30% (or more) of teens have received such images, and many probably don’t know what to do.

If you do receive such an image, odds are that it was sent by a good friend (or a boyfriend or girlfriend).

As a result, you probably don’t want to get this person into too much trouble, but you also know that peddling in these kinds of pictures is probably not going to lead to great things in life (because if you think about it, it is highly inappropriate, morally wrong, and potentially illegal). Well, most adults might advise you to “tell an adult you trust.” This is generally good advice for a lot of problems you run into, however in the case of a naked photo of an under-aged youth, this can be devastating for all involved.

If they don’t know what to do and seek guidance from a fellow teacher, they could get into even more trouble.



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If you are a teen and receive a sexually-explicit image of a classmate via your cell phone (or email, or instant message, or via a Nintendo Dsi, or any other type of electronic communication), what should you do?


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