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The group of crewmembers directly involved with operation of the camera.

Individual job titles include: clapper-loader, camera operator, assistant cameraman, director of photography, focus puller, grip, key grip, dolly grip, additional camera.

The phrase "Casting Couch" has been popularized, and although the practise has diminished, the term remains in use.

AKA: Extras Casting, Casting Assistant, Casting Associate The person who auditions and helps to select all of the speaking role actors in film, television shows or plays.

Recent innovations in audio-visual synchronization have made this unnecessary, but it still occurs extensively. AKA: Cameraman The person who operates the camera to the specifications dictated by the director of photography.

These favours were usually rumoured to be on a couch in the filmmaker's office.

(Luc Besson always operates the camera on films he directs.) See also Society of Operating Cameramen, Steadicam operator.

Fictional Movie(s): Living in Oblivion (1995) AKA: Campy A form of comedic parody where the clichéd conventions of a dramatic form like adventure are deliberately exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness.

A bit part played by a famous actor who would ordinarily not take such a small part.

Originally meaning "a small piece of artwork", the term was borrowed by director Michael Anderson when attempting to attract famous actors to play bit parts in Around the World in 80 Days.The CD must possess a vast knowledge of the actor pool and be able to match a variety of actors with just the right role.


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