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So at that time you might wanna chat or post something without others letting you know, well in that case Whispero is a perfect place for you, it’s a online web service which allows you to share or post any message without exchanging any kind of email, phone number or name.

To get started just visited the web site and at the top right corner you will find a box, just type your word about which you wanna whisper, and then click on Whisper button, on the next page you will find some other stuffs using which you can add message, add photo and so on, once you are done just post it.

Once you create a whisper then it will last for 5 days, on the page of your whisper it will show timer which will show you, after how many days or time it will expire.

You can share it with other, like your friends or on any forum web site so that others can reply to it, for this just copy and then paste the URL of your whisper or else you can also Tweet or share your own QR code which will be provided on the page.


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