Sexy trap chat

Shake Appeal is a column that highlights new garage and garage-adjacent releases.

This time, Evan Minsker looks at new stuff from Michigan rippers Chit Chat, former MMOSS frontman Doug Tuttle, some archival material from Providence power trio the Traps, and a new LP from the Texas psych outfit Holy Wave.

These songs are catchy and consistently captivating, full of studio tics and layers upon layers of well-placed instrumentals.

There are guitar solos and tambourines, faraway wind instruments and sped-up tape effects.



The Traps: Boom Pow Awesome Wow [Castle Face] John Dwyer has a special treat out on Castle Face: a record by the Traps, who hail from his old stomping ground of Providence, Rhode Island.

There's a simmering, sludgy low end provided by Joel Parkkila in "Down", and Kevin Mc Kay's slow-but-crashing pace leaves the band plenty of space to rip.

They might be going for a more sprawling sound, but Nick Melody's guitar solos are still incredible and Izzy Johnson's raspy vocals roar with assertive badassery.

Boom Pow Awesome Wow was recorded around 2003 and features 10 crunchy, blown-out tracks—all catchy as hell.


Doug Tuttle: Doug Tuttle [Trouble in Mind] It's a big week for Trouble in Mind, who put out two impressive psychedelic opuses on the same day. The other is perhaps a less sexy album on its surface, one by the frontman of the now-defunct band MMOSS.

It may not have bright colors on the cover, and sure, "Doug Tuttle" isn't as froofy of a name as "Jacco Gardner", but this album is an impressive exercise in psychedelic world building.


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