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Cecil’s death has played on the world’s heart strings like a manic harpist: the St Sebastian de nos jours. The the death by arrows of Cecil the kudu or Cecil the gerenuk wouldn’t have upset people to anything like the same extent.

No matter the era, sensual videos have long been a celebrated aspect of music — here are 63 of our favorites.

Enjoy yourself at own risk — some of these are NSFW.

Somebody is going to turn around and look.""I like pressing the envelope.

I think it's funny when something bold comes out of someone's mouth that you're not expecting, things that catch you off guard. I like an English sense of humor: dry, dirty, a little bit off.

These women are the women we love, the sexiest women alive, from yesterday and years past.

Watch these exclusive Esquire videos featuring beautiful women from Jennifer Lawrence to Scarlett Johansson."I didn't know butts were a thing until I was 23.

Of course, there was Madonna breaking all the rules in the '80s. The '00s were teeming with pop stars eager to show some skin.

Then came Jennifer Lopez and people were like, 'That butt is great.' Now you have to have a butt. It may not make sense, but you need to feel it a little.""Look, if you're sexy, if you like dressing sexy, you're not doing anything more than feeling beautiful.It sucks for me.""I'd rather be with someone who's a little jealous than someone who's never jealous. A Latina just wants to walk into a place and feel great.


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