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Depuis le début de l’année 2016, la MFFOM (Mutuelle Familiale France et Outre-Mer) devient LAMIE qui signifie LA Mutuelle Inter Expat.

Celle-ci offre des services de protection sociale des expatriés ou détachés.

Svetlana, choking seized languor, widely spread thighs, giving freedom and Edward, when the lips touched his swollen lips to the limit, with a loud cry threw his back and legs, with a force close to her.

A new sense of the unknown snowball hit her, pushing slightly noticeable remnants mind.

“As many as 63 graduates just paid the Rs11,000 examination fee and got the registration certificates without attempting the exam.

Moreover, there were also graduates who failed to clear the test despite making more than one attempts till 2010 but suddenly got the certificates.

Sunday Pastor Hoye- Greater Works Church is preaching 11am Pastor Lorenzo Glenn- Macedonia Baptist Church 5pm Pastor Dejuan Kelker- Burning Bush Church 5pm Rev.

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has found ‘fake’ doctors, who failed to produce any evidence of their foreign MBBS degrees or BDS qualifications.

The registrar also stated that; PMDC has formed an internal committee to prepare a report of fake doctors and lodged FIRs against them with the Federal Investigation Agency’s Crime Circle, under Section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.The PMDC official also stated that: Medical students, who have completed their graduation from countries, in which English is not the official language, have to clear the NEB test conducted by the PMDC, before getting a registration.


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