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We’ve reported this many time, and all we keep getting is people turning the switch back on, so it works again. MY DAUGHTER’S ROOM IS NEXT TO THE BATHROOM AND HER CAPET IS SOAKED AT THE SIDE. We rang the emergency plumber before it collapsed, and not sure when they’ll be here. Last year we re-painted the kitchen ceiling and now there are various brown circles appearing that do not wash off. My upstairs neighbor flooded his bathroom, and my bathroom got a small leak in the ceiling, and one from the ceiling fan.. Now brown patches have appeared, patchily, in the area of the original leak (albeit not where the water most came through). Did I not leave enough time for the ceiling to dry out over winter (my flat wasn’t heated as the heating wasn’t working! the property is a victoria terraced house convered into flats.. Panic rose within me, and an intoxicating burn spread up the back of my thighs. Now, i get home to find my bathroom is flooded ( its in a seperate room to the shower). it didn’t so now I have a large piece of paint hanging from my ceiling.. I AM SO STUPID I KNOW SILLY ACCIDENT WHAT DO I DO NOW?? Remodel, my wife wants to put two ceiling recessed lights (can lights) over bathroom sink/mirror. Rather then using the usual light bar/light strip above mirror which floods the face with light, I am worried the can lights will put shadows on the face since the light will be from the ceiling over head. But i don’t think they specialise in ceiling collapses!?!? The locatoin is underneath a bathroom and we are wondering if this could be water damage but it doesnt seem likely as there are not any leaks or floods that have occured that we are aware of. The landlord can’t drop by right now because it needs to dry before it gets repaired. My mother and older sister today wanted to turn on the jacuzzi so they started to fill it up with water. I pushed the blue door in front of me, and shielded my eyes. There is no renters insurance coverage and the landlord has not even offered to cover or pro rate the days we were not able to live in the home. I reckon about a bucket full of water ran onto the floor. Aswell as this, the window was smashed, the mirror was cracked, there was toilet paper all over the ceiling, and the toilet seat had been pulled off. It is what I like to see, when I glance at the steamed mirror in the bathroom. Although the real part of me, the persona that I listen to, tells me to ‘keep on running’.. The world slowed down for a moment in order for me to catch my breath. It was a long jump to the next, in fact for a moment I debated whether it was too far. I continued through the vent until I found the room I was looking for. Shouldnt a landlord have to pay for a toilet that did not shut off properly after it was flushed? doesn’t cover, I am responsible for, but what can I expect to pay? Can anyone please tell me how I ought to deal with this, and do I need to get the light socket removed to guarantee our total safety? It began dripping near the heating vents and a few lights in the ceiling. Also, our neighbours’ bedroom wall collapsed, as the room is right next to our bathroom. I’m in uni halls, and i’ve been here for three weeks now. I had often sought advice from the reflective material in my moments of desperation, my moments of hysteria. I soon realised that really it was my nerves eating away at my courage. The vent was positioned behind my target and out of sight. I quickly but silently moved closer to him, in one fluid movement thrust him to the chair.. Isnt the landlord responsible for outside lodging while the home is being repaired if the repair did not arise from tenant actions/negligence? Is there like an insurance deductable like with car insurance? I turned off the power and unfastened the vent and lights to allow the water to somehow drain. The ceiling is peeling off in our kitchen, and the oven, the microwave, the fridge and the toaster are all broken. We’ve had several problems with our shower to start off with. the bathroom and part of the bedroom upstairs flooded this morning, and it’s leaking through the downstairs ceiling into the ceiling light and other areas. Okay so there was a burst waterpipe, and the bathroom flooded. The landlord has not been in the home, nor inspected or maintained for 7 months, could that be considered a breach thus entitling the renter to compensation for his/her displacement? I own my condo, but the woman below me rents so today I got a call from her landlord (which I expected)… I probably should have asked more questions while I was on the phone with him, but I was caught off guard at the time of the phone call…. Firstly we had no hot water and now the shower keeps tripping so we have no power, which is an issue because we have an electric shower. is it safe to go to work and leave it this way, or can this somehow start a fire? It leaked into the downstairs bathroom, and the livingroom, before we could turn off the water supply. I dont know how it happened, but when my family and I got home, the home that we are renting was toilet flooded. and the water is now leaking to the lower lever through the ceiling please help! Today, my five-year-old son came out of the bathroom laughing, and he had wet socks. They have flooded the minds of individuals manipulating the ideologies of everyone. I took a step back to take myself in, for it was not often that I looked at myself in such detail. I had studied the blue-prints for the building as usual and had a rough idea of where I was going. I lifted my arm to touch the vent hatch on the ceiling.

The landlord has stated that his policy does not cover outside lodging for me and my family and that we would have to pay for the hotel ourselves. Ok my son was asleep in my bed so i went to take a shower when i got out i hurd water driping out of my vint in the kitchen i run upstairs and he over flowed the sink water was everywhere what i am wanting to know if you look in my kitchen on the cieling u see some lines of water what do i do will it dry ok or will it grow mold please only answer my ? Can anyone help me with this pretty awkward problem? The water then ran through the wooden floor and has since come through the kitchen sink through the side of the main light fitting. During the leak, the home owner was not at home the whole day until late night in the AM. I ran to the hall, and the stairs were like a waterfall, I managed to get up them without slipping, and into the bathroom, where the basin and bath were overflowing, and gushing water everywhere. Only really this is the picture I paint for myself. Then I landed on the adjacent building, rolled in one fluid motion and regained an upright position.. A perfect parabola, a sweeping, soaring, selfish moment. When he seemed quite content he turned and left the room.. Anyway, I feel as if i’ve been left in a pretty uncomfortable situation for the whole weekend, without a shower and a leaking ceiling. The hose had barely been on for two minutes yet it caused this much damage! The water is dripping through the ceiling, through the light fixation and the fan fixture. Not only do we face the risk of an electric shock, but were left with water coming through our ceiling and flooding our bathroom. THE FLOOR IS CONCRETE, THE BOILER GOT SOAKED BUT NO LIGHT FITTINGS. I am sure this will be reduced by reflection of the light as it bounces around and the center room light…. But when they did (my mother was in the garage while my older sister turned the hose on) the master bedroom, where the jacuzzi was, flooded and the bathroom was flooded also. I’m assuming this is because it is the only way it can escape, however, as far as i’m aware.. I’ve reported this, and the manager came up, said she wont do anything until Monday, and hasn’t turned the water off in my flat or the electricity. I know a little bit about electricity, such as if the water is allowed to keep coming through the light, it can blow the whole lighting system in my flat? Oh, also the paint is hanging there because I thought that if I squished the bubble all the water would come out . but concerned before I do this as to change wouldn’t be easy once done… My mother was yelling downstairs and apparently water was coming from the ceiling tiles and some has collapsed.

apparently, it damaged both the ceiling and the wall-to-wall carpeting of the unit below mine. So there is obviously a problem there, which is earthing the switch in the fuse box. Now, a bit of the ceiling of the living has freaking collapsed. Afer waiting for them to repair their bathroom, and for my room to dry out, we repainted.

I have used a mop, towels, and paper towels to help get the water up but its not working! I landed heavily, when I regained myself I looked to the side of the shimmering building. The real me, the one that hides in the shadows, the one that I dismiss. My complexion soft, but my core equal to a diamond in strength. I felt the chrome handle of the door and opened it..


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