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While the windows served to transmit the light of day, the lampsrepresent a new source of illumination independent of daylight.Fabrication ofthe lamps began in 1885, with the majority of them being made between 1895 and1920. I have tried to show how the color graduates from a little darker at the top and changes toward the bottom. Digital pictures never show the true beauty but these are not too bad. Stands 24", all hardware is correct and is original with working GECO sockets. Properly rewired for another century of dependable service.A true piece of historic American art/lamp history. This challenged thetraditional approach of painting on glass to create multicolored effects.In an effort to reach the interiors of a greater population, Tiffanybegan to design lamps to allow more people to enjoy art and beauty in their ownhome.Colored glass, Tiffanys lasting love and challenge, found fresh scope andinspiration.Tiffany became an enthusiastic supporter of the European Art Nouveau movement, challenging the current Victorian ornate style.


Tiffany's work was displayed in Europe at the mostimportant venue for the introduction of Art Nouveau, Siegfried Bing's L'Art Nouveau.

He established a metalwork department, producinglamps, desk sets, and chandeliers that were sold through his New York showroom, company catalogues and department stores. Tiffany founded his own firm in 1885 and focused on artglass.

18,950 Here is a very rare and beautiful TIFFANY lamp. Free of any damage or repairs, has one tight heat line. Would be a wonderful addition to any advanced collection. Earlier, Louis had already registered for a patent on a new glassmakingtechnique of combining different colors in opalescent glass to create vibrant, multidimensional hues of color never before seen in glass.

Shade is 18" properly signed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK # 1469. Both numbers check out properly in the Tiffany book. Tiffany founded his own firm in 1885 and focused on artglass.

It was not until 1899 that Tiffany publicly introduced the lamps forsale.Tiffany is best known for his designs of glass vessels, lamps andwindows, but he also created items in various other media including metalwork, furniture, jewelry and ceramics, introducing enamels in 1898, art pottery in1900, and jewelry in 1904.


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