Shiv raaj ratnam dating mani


He has purchased the remake rights and will produce it himself.

"Everything was in place and Vivek was kicked about the project but it never took off," reveals a source close to the development.

When Mani Ratnam wants to make a statement on the communal situation in the country, he doesn't just go and sign a lofty memorandum on the need for harmony.

Instead, he directs Bombay - a riveting film about a Hindu-Muslim marriage with the bloody backdrop of frenzied rioting, all wrapped up with appealing elements of commercial cinema like romance, songs, action and dazzling locations.

But the filmmaker soon made his exit and the film was forgotten.

Now Vivek, who is presently in Hyderabad by his pregnant wife's side, has decided to revive the film.

"Basically, the film is meant to prod people into thinking," says the genial Ratnam.Two years later, it released in Telugu as 7G Brundhavan Colony, in Bengali as Prem Amar, and in Kannada as Gilli."Now, we will finally have the Hindi version," exults the source.But ironically, adverse reaction to the film is spreading like a growing malaise in the hinterland.


In 2004, Vivek Oberoi was signed for the Hindi remake of the critically acclaimed, Tamil film, 7G Rainbow Colony.Mani Ratnam, who had earlier directed the actor in Yuva, was to helm the project.


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