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The Sensitive High Resolution Ion Micro Probe (SHRIMP) IIe is a high precision Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS).Ion microprobes make in situ isotopic and chemical 'surface' analysis of solid targets by bombarding the sample with an ion beam with a diameter of several microns typically employing Kohler focussing.With the addition of an optional cesium gun rather than the standard duoplasmatron, the SHRIMP IIe excels in the analysis of oxygen and other stable isotopes.Analysis of non-conductive samples is assisted with the optional electron gun for charge neutralisation.The secondary ion, which is sputtered from sample surface by a focused ion beam (primary ion beam) in high vacuum, is analyzed.Therefore, it is possible to analyze sample as a solid without chemical treatment, such as sample dissolution and column separation.Mass spectrometry・・・An analytical method for determination of mass-to-charge ratio and the mass number of charged particles.The SHRIMP IV is the commercial version of the SHRIMP SI ion microprobe built at the ANU by Professor Trevor Ireland, for both positive mode geochronology and negative mode stable isotope analysis.



High secondary ion detection sensitivity and high mass and spatial resolution enable to produce reliable data worldwide.

The secondary ion mass spectrometry is a technique of analysis in microscale of sample surface.


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