Silverlight treeviewitem not updating


Items Source = new Country List()Countries; tv Main. How can I programmatically update the tree so that it fires the Node Formatting event (where my nodes are updated)?

When a property is changed through my property grid, I want to make sure the tree is up to date.

private void rad Property Grid Node_Property Value Changed(object sender, Property Grid Item Value Changed Event Args e) { rad Tree View.

Add(new Country() { Name = "Dominican Republic", Alpha2 = "DO", Alpha3 = "DOM", Iso = "ISO 3166-2: DO", Fon Prefix = "+1 809, +1 829, +1 849" }); ocl. Items Source = new Country List()Countries; tv Main.

Add(new Country() { Name = "Nicaragua", Alpha2 = "NI", Alpha3 = "NIC", Iso = "ISO 3166-2: NI", Fon Prefix = "+505" }); } public Observable Collectionpublic partial class uc Tree View : uc Base Class { public uc Tree View() { Initialize Component(); tv Main.

Add(new Country() { Name = "Poland", Alpha2 = "PL", Alpha3 = "POL", Iso = "ISO 3166-2: PL", Fon Prefix = "+48" }); ocl.Add(new Country() { Name = "Iceland", Alpha2 = "IS", Alpha3 = "ISL", Iso = "ISO 3166-2: IS", Fon Prefix = "+354" }); ocl.


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