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anime, I can only hope that they'll decide to localize Toradora! My guess is, however, that NISA will only consider localizing the PSP game if both Disgaea Infinite and Toradora! While I'm not the biggest Disgaea fan (haven't even finished 1 or 2 yet), I'm impatiently waiting for preorders for Toradora! Also, if the game were to be localized, I hope they have a special edition similar to the one they had in Japan (or at least the nendo puchi).

I'm quite surprised that I discovered a really SHOCKING thing. I should have noticed that by looking at the flat chested railgun as your avatar. We have lot of goodies and fun especially l4d2 team playing =)Sweet more people who play L4D2 on steam.

There unfortunately isn't much info on the game, though, as Wikipedia has very little info about it. I wonder I'f there are any Pandora Hearts games they could bring over (what can I say, its one of my favriote modern series.)I would love to see this game localized in America. series and ecstatic when I found out that NISA was bringing the anime over to the states.

As stated by the TC, since NISA is venturing into the visual novel genre with Disgaea Infinite as well as licensing the Toradora!

I know it's a bit of a long shot to get this one, but you guys officially have the license to Toradora!

and you're making a descent into the world of visual novels with Disgaea Infinite.

The main character loses his memory after being sick in the hospital.


Of the games I've played and beaten, Disgaea 1 and 2, the Prinny game, and still going through Phantom Brave and Makai Kingdom.I've reserved Sakura Wars and I like the whole sim-dating deal there, but after I saw Toradora!


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