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If a binge-dater has a history of over-communicating and their gut is telling them to slow down, the gut is probably right on.This list is by no means exhaustive or intended to diagnose.Each person’s pattern for dating is based on one’s own unique life history.This is simply a guide meant to help you explore your dating experience. Binge-dating has exploded in recent decades becoming a normalized way to partner up. I don’t refute the possibility of love at first sight. However, binge-daters repeatedly find themselves in love at first sight, and I’d recommend for them to take a closer look at how they define love.It can be quite painful and incredibly hard to stop. Yes, there are many attractive people out there, but is a constant, instant attraction to others really about the other?



If you identify with these signs, and desire further information or help, I recommend that you seek out a qualified Sex and Love Addiction therapist or look into the resources I’ve provided below. For binge- daters, falling in love masks an overwhelming anxiety based in a need to be partnered. After a first date, binge-daters attempt immediate fusion with their new interest.

This anxiety may be further rooted in a fear of being forever single or lonely. Make a list of qualities that you truly desire in a long- term relationship. There’s no steadfast rule on how much is too much communication in the beginning, but generally speaking, more than 2 texts or phone calls that next week may be pushing to enmesh.


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