Single friend dating website

Number of Options – 5/10 To be honest, this was actually the biggest stumbling block of the entire site.

The site actually tells you how many members have joined in the past 2 weeks – roughly 200 a week.

Serious Contenders – 8/10 Whilst there may be less options than other sites, what MSF does offer, is a far higher ration of ‘serious contenders’ to browsers.


is owned by My Single Friend Limited, a company registered in England in August 2004.

I think one of the aspects of dating which people struggle the most with, is the element of self-marketting. When things went south with Mr SC, one of my closest friends suggested we spend an evening setting up a profile on My Single Friend.

How do you strike a tone where you present yourself in a positive enough light, without sounding arrogant or conceited? We literally sat, watching chick flicks, and eating pizza and ice cream, Bridget Jones-style, filling out a profile for the site.

However when you split that out geographically across the country, and factor in the fact at least a half are likely to be women, it does mean, there aren’t a great deal of new options once you’ve searched for your specific criteria.

Saying that – the Advanced Search option on the site is great, as it saves your preferences, and allows you to look for a range of specific criteria – however once these are set, I noticed the same men coming up every time.

The majority of men’s profiles which I looked at were written by female friends, which I take as a good sign, as it’s generally a good indicator that the man is on the site for a serious purpose, and obviously has social skills with women!


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    With over 20 million registered users, the e Harmony member base is an ethnically, racially, and religiously diverse group of individuals of all ages – all of whom are looking to find someone special.

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    Boasting millions of members worldwide, the look and feel of the site is clean and inviting.

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    Jerome Bonaparte Squier, a young English immigrant who arrived in Battle Creek, Michigan, in the latter part of the 19th century, was a farmer and shoemaker who had learned the fine European art of violin making. Victor Squier started making his own hand-wound violin strings, and the business grew so quickly that he and his employees improvised a dramatic production increase by converting a treadle sewing machine into a string winder capable of producing 1,000 uniformly high-quality strings per day.

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    But after Edward Snowden’s stories it is clear to everyone that online messages are not safe anymore.

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    We bring like-minded singles together who are open to new experiences with different cultures and ethnicities, either within your community, or abroad.

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    She should have said no, but being talked to like that was actually making her pussy very wet. I want to see you." She turned on her cam, and wondered what he was going to ask her to do for him.

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    World War II is over, they’re finally reunited on a Scottish vacation, and it’s time to reconnect. Claire, without having bared her body, thoroughly enjoys herself.

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