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, Williams recalls a conversation he had with his friend, a female preacher, about women who can’t seem to keep their eyes off of their pastors.

Williams writes: Many women that she’s talked with in various churches struggle with the fact that they think their Pastor’s sexy!

However, for some women, this is about more than just a lustful eye.

Some have dedicated their lives to finding and marrying the preacher of their dreams.

Not only do they think their Pastor’s sexy, but they struggle with their mind and eyes wandering into inappropriate places.


Each one believes that her future will change for the better if these men only caught one glimpse of them.These persistent and dedicated women have been labeled “groupies,” “side-chicks” and even “stalkers.” However, athletes and musicians are not the only men of stature whom some women desire. In writer Scott Williams’s blog post, Stop Lusting After Your Pastor!


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