Single mom dating patience key


I’ve mastered the art of building lunches with almost bare pantries and finding last minute presents and helping with homework that was to be done the night before but now it is and we need to leave at kind of days.

I’ve figured out how to survive on three hours of interrupted feet in my face kids waking up sleep.

I know the quickest way to Starbucks and that on certain days, like today, it is perfectly acceptable to order the extra shot of espresso and to get it extra hot and maybe with a bit more sugar.

I determined that making my bed isn’t required but that the kitchen island better stay clean or it’s a green light telling everyone that the rest of the house is okay to be messed up. Sometimes I fear I’ve lost it in the busy and the stress.

Maybe it’s cleaning up my Facebook stream and getting rid of people who cause me angst. I know those moments hurt and can make you feel like you just want to throw your hands in the air and that sometimes you just want a break and sometimes just a hug or to be loved and told you matter. Maybe it’s deciding to play that game with my kids and to really really play it but letting myself have grace if I find myself thinking about the dishes that need to be done as I flip over the double yellow card. I don’t want to minimize the hard parts of motherhood and to shout middle. You’re not alone, sweet mother, if you’ve ever felt this way. You are not the only mom who has ever stood in the kitchen with kids running around and dishes piled high and loud noises and tears have filled your eyes as you wondered what happened to happy.


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