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TOKYO — According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, about half of unmarried women report that they are not dating anyone with any serious intent.Why are so many available ladies completely unattached?Goo Rankings decided to look into the issue and asked the single ladies what they would ideally want a boyfriend to do for them, if they had one. Hmm, to each their own, I suppose, but if the number one thing you want from a partner is a blanket and some tissues when you get sick, you might want hire a nurse instead. Does this list seem about right to you or like a case of bad expectations?The answer most commonly given was, “He wouldn’t have to do anything in particular, just be there for me when I’m lonely.” On nights alone in our rooms or days off without any particular plans, we’ve all felt a sudden loneliness, so that’s hardly surprising. I would want him to cover me with a blanket when I fall asleep. When we’re out and about, I would want him to hold my hand and walk close to me. Read more stories from Rocket News24.—Which Company’s Employee Would You Like to Marry?This is very true in Japan as well, where a survey in 2013 showed that many Japanese aren’t really dating.The second most popular answer was, “When I’m tired or sad, I would want him to just take me in his arms without saying a word.” OK, now they’re asking for a little bit of mind reading, but still, if all you need is someone’s comforting presence, that’s not too high a demand. Number three is “I would want him to take me to lots of nice places.” This one seems pretty normal too. I would want him to quietly and attentively listen to my complaints about daily life. I would want him to take care of me when I get sick. I would want him to sneak up behind me and suddenly give me a hug. Whether you are seeking just a date, a pen pal, a casual or a serious relationship, you can meet singles in California today!


Could it be that they just don’t see the appeal of having a partner?Or conversely, maybe they are holding out for an unrealistic Prince Charming.


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