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Learning how to love you as being perfectly single starts by saying “yes” to this part of the journey in a few different ways… When you’re single, you have the unique privilege of being allowed to be selfish. Stay out all night, go skinny-dipping in the park, decide on a whim to fly across the country for a long weekend.You may not always have the freedom to do these things; enjoy it while you can!

As a Phoenix Dating Coach, it might seem odd for me to write about how to love you as being perfectly single.

But here’s what I’ve learned in my experience as the Scottsdale Matchmaker: you can’t be happy in a relationship until you’re happy with you.

Learning how to love you as being perfectly single frees you from responsibilities and obligations so you can freely explore and develop who you are as a person. Jolt yourself out of the rut of dating only with the long-term in mind. Don’t wait until you find your “perfect man/woman” to get out and have adventures.

Here’s the thing: there are plenty of amazing people out there you could get along well with, have fun with, and make awesome memories with – that you would never even consider marrying. Now is the time to date the “bad boy” or the “crazy girl.” Give relationships with people you wouldn’t normally go out with a try. Traveling alone, you’ll have to interact with other people and the travel community is a friendly bunch to be around.

Click for my TV Interview -Being Single Say “yes” to defining yourself as happy and single, not single and looking. 61% of those single adults have never been married, and a 2006 survey of singles by the Pew Internet and American Life Project discovered that 55% of never-married singles had zero interest in seeking a romantic partner.These are people who truly fell in love with the single way of life, who say: “Single is who I really am, it really suits me.


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