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I absolutely HATE having conversations about colorism and dating because too many people are too stupid to realize that there’s no such thing as a “right” preference.Last night, many of us tuned in to OWN to watch Bill Duke‘s documentary, which examined colorism and the many ways it affects the lives of darker skinned Black folks in the diaspora, especially women.Yet, there are many folks in the Black community that would try and have you believe that a man’s attraction to women of a lighter shade is indicative of his disgust for his intrinsic self.And this is where the dime store psychologists in the Black community start making impassioned, yet ignorant accusations on how Black men are SUPPOSED to date.And midway into watching these fools embarrassing themselves in front of the camera, I realized why I hated this particular segment so much: Those men were not only being used as wholesale representatives of the Black male ideology on dark skin women, but because they were also being used to blur the lines between PREJUDICE and PREFERENCE.

Increase your hydration in the days leading up to a date — decrease your alcohol and salty food intake — to optimize that inside-out beauty. Weekly exfoliation with a tiny-grained scrub will help keep your complexion bright and youthful.

Tip: Try Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Lotion with SPF 50! Celebs frequent skin doctors pre-red-carpet strolls, receiving hydrocortisone injections directly into those unwelcome zits. Similarly, retinoids can generate the collagen in aging skin while removing the top layer of skin cells.


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