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Skype also recommends having a backup computer handy during the interview, just in case one crashes.If you're thinking of offering to do a Skype interview, it may be because you live far away from the employer in question.If you've never used Skype before, sign up for an account and get a webcam and microphone, if your computer doesn't have them already built in.Other option: use your smartphone, which already has built-in microphones and cameras.If you're not willing or able to meet with the employer in person the first time, ask for an interview using this method.



If the employer specified "local candidates only" on the job posting, that probably means she's not going to pay for travel expenses for out-of-town applicants -- if she looks at out-of-towners' resumes at all.

In this case, mentioning that you're willing and able to do an initial interview via video chat may make her give you a second look.


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    And this begs the question, why would a chat bot be interested in a human companion? The answer to that question becomes clear when we look at the link the helpful Eva sent us when she offered her “free passes”.

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