Soho speed dating

One of the chief aims of what we do at Karousel is to try and help friends on the industry side make connections and give each other some work, share contacts and so on.

The more we all collaborate on the business side, the more we can all help the artists when the time comes.


There’s also a general networking session throughout the first half of the night (arrive any time from pm), so even if you don’t get a slot in the speed meetings you can ask one of the Karousel team to introduce you (or go ahead and introduce yourself).

We’ll be back in touch before the 21st to confirm what slots you’ve been successful in booking. /// DOWNLOAD THE PDF INVITATION HERE /// Tonight's Experts: /// ALEX BRANSON & NISHA VADIAVALOO (INGROOVES) /// With a background working for record companies including Sony Music, Media Records, In Music and The Lost Generation, Branson moved into digital distribution in 2003 founding one of the early companies in the space, alexlee Music Management.


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